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Teaching and Educational Development

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UZH promotes curiosity, intellectual flexibility and enthusiasm for lifelong learning with its diverse range of study programmes. It is committed to teaching of high didactic quality, which is research-based and competence-oriented at all levels and is continuously improved by means of appropriate measures. Finally, UZH also creates space for innovation in teaching and studies, and develops scientific education in the interaction of the university community in a focused way and with a view to the challenges of the future.

Studierende auf der Treppe zum Hörsaal KOH-B-10.

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Call open_innovation 2023

Project proposals for the open_innovation funding line can now be submitted. Funding is awarded for the (further) development and piloting of innovative, didactic courses/teaching formats and teaching materials.

AI in University Teaching

Mehr zu AI in University Teaching

What does the emergence of new AI technologies such as ChatGPT mean for teaching?

Information on the topic and concrete suggestions can be found on our Teaching Tools platform.

Luftaufnahme vom Hochschulquartier. Text: Mein Studium. Unsere Zukunft.

Future of Teaching at UZH

UZH offers students an excellent environment full of opportunities and a level of diversity that is unprecedented in Switzerland. Teaching at UZH meets the changing demands of a society in flux – creatively, innovatively and on a wide variety of levels. We have launched the Future of Teaching initiative in order to more vigorously and strategically coordinate and promote these developments. 

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