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UZH Curriculum

Established by the Office of the Vice President Education and Student Affairs, UZH Curriculum is a set of university-wide quality standards for attractive academic programs. The faculties can use the following six criteria to evaluate, rework or completely redevelop their study programs, modules and courses.


Eine Gruppe schreibt gemeinsam auf ein Whiteboard

The University of Zurich aims to awaken curiosity and promote the analytical and critical thinking skills of its students. Research-based teaching actively involves students in the research process and allows them to deal with important scholarly and scientific issues, methods and findings in an independent manner.

An Example from Teaching: 

In the Research Cycle in Genomics block course, students experience research firsthand, by formulating their own research questions based on experimental data and then investigating them.

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Studying with a great deal of freedom means acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to achieve one’s future goals. Concrete learning objectives provide clarity about what students can expect from a higher education program and what is expected of them in return.

An Example from Teaching: 

A cross-faculty lecture series addresses the basic principles, applications and implications of machine learning. Students are introduced to the use of algorithms in the world of work and in research, and gain awareness of the risks of digitalization and the accompanying ethical issues.

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Forschungsgruppe überquert einen Fussgängerstreifen.

Successful students take ownership for their actions and help shape society. Students who are involved in teaching and teaching-related processes strengthen their confidence and acquire important skills for their future life paths.

An Example from Teaching: 

How do interdisciplinary teams develop ideas that are in touch with the world outside of university? In various innovation courses at UZH, students learn how they can translate their ideas into business solutions – including a reality check by industry experts.

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Learning is particularly effective when students can connect course content with their specific interests, experiences and prior knowledge. In the context of digital transformation in particular, new possibilities are emerging for achieving the learning objectives of a particular study program via individualized learning paths.

An Example from Teaching: 

The 2.0 app enables medical students to use their computers or smartphones to conduct microscope examinations of pathology tissue samples. This helps them understand the connections between cell structure and organ dysfunction.

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Studying at the University of Zurich equips students to analyze and address complex issues in a scientifically sound manner from a variety of perspectives. The inter- and transdisciplinary components of study programs strengthen students’ joined-up thinking skills.

An Example from Teaching: 

In the interdisciplinary lecture series “Sustainability Now!”, Right Livelihood Award recipients talk about how they have been able to initiate sustainable developments, from peacebuilding to preserving biodiversity. The lectures are presented and chaired by students who want to learn how to translate academic learning into practice.

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Successful interpersonal communication between people with different cultural backgrounds is becoming more and more important in our increasingly globalized world. Having a wide variety of international touchpoints in teaching, combined with new forms of student mobility, serve to expand students’ horizons and their personal networks.

An Example from Teaching: 

How are mountain regions dealing with migration and climate change? A collaborative seminar at UZH and Tbilisi State University explores the challenges faced by both the Alps and the Caucasus region – with the help of a custom-developed app.

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