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Teaching Award

Why a Teaching Award at UZH?

UZH attaches a great importance to the quality of teaching. The teaching award was granted for the first time in 2007. The award was created to encourage a broad and in-depth discussion on the various factors behind good teaching. 

Every year in November, UZH students can nominate their favorite lecturer for the teaching award. Each year, the teaching award has a new motto that highlights a particular aspect of teaching.

The prize is endowed with CHF 10,000 and is sponsored by the Credit Suisse Jubilee Foundation, hence the name "Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching".

Credit Suisse Foundation

How is the price awarded?

The prize is awarded in a three-stage process:

  • In the first stage, potential award winners are nominated by students in an online survey.  All instructors from the current and previous semesters are eligible.
  • The student votes received are then statistically analysed by Educational Development.
  • On the basis of this shortlist, a jury consisting of three representatives of the VSUZH and the Vice President Education and Student Affairs selects the winner of the Teaching Award. The jury's decision is based on the quality of the open reasons given by the students for their choice. The committee nominates the winner of the teaching award for the attention of the Executive Board of the University.

When and how do I find out the name of the award winner?

The Teaching Award ceremony takes place annually at the end of April at the Dies academicus. Accompanying information about the current award winner is provided via UZH media and websites, and info screens.

Dies academicus

Weiterführende Informationen

Teaching Award Archive

An overview of the previous teaching award winners and the thematic focus since 2007 can be found here:


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Dr. David Schmocker